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ERP Implementation, Training & Upgrades

As a Epicor-Certified Partner, we are equipped with the appropriate training and expertise to effectively strategize and assist with your Epicor requirements. Given the high stakes associated with any major technology initiative, it's imperative to ensure your chosen partner is certified.  

Why We Are Different

People are part of our process. They are included in the vital steps of our framework because we believe the success of any project hinges on effective communication to the people.
Our distinctiveness lies in our ability to comprehend both the operational and supportive aspects of the business. With experience ranging from leadership roles to the shop floor in manufacturing, we possess a comprehensive understanding. We bring 30 years of valuable experience to the table.

Our approach at every stage will incorporate change management initiatives aimed at aligning your team with the change's objectives, ultimately ensuring a successful project outcome.

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Our Philosophy

KBix Solutions, offers cost-effective and efficient techniques to help businesses discover, roadmap, model, and launch their Epicor solution.  Each stage includes various segments that incorporate inputs, tools, techniques, and deliverables. These elements progressively build upon each other, allowing the project to move forward to the next stage. By following the framework outlined by KBix Solutions, businesses can expect an implementation that is completed on time and within budget. The framework focuses on tailoring the Epicor solution to meet the specific needs of the business, ultimately aiming to elevate your operations to the next level.



Training and Business Process Review are integral components of our approach to ERP implementation, ensuring that our clients receive tailored guidance and support to optimize their systems and operations.

Our certified trainers bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the realm of ERP implementation. With rigorous training and extensive knowledge of ERP systems, they are equipped to guide businesses through every stage of the implementation process. From initial planning to post-implementation support, our trainers ensure that clients have a comprehensive understanding of the software and its capabilities.

KBix can help you with your Training, Upgrade or Implementation needs! 

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