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Preparing Your Epicor ERP System for the Future: Simplifying the Upgrade Journey!


Are You Struggling to Stay Current & Future- Ready With Your Epicor ERP System? Technology evolves rapidly and it can be daunting. When considering upgrading an outdated ERP system that will soon lack support and updates, companies should carefully evaluate the Following 4 Considerations:

1.Compatibility and Integration:

Before upgrading, assess how the new system will integrate with existing tools and software used by the company. Ensuring compatibility can prevent disruptions and extra costs later. The upgraded ERP should enhance, not hinder, existing processes and system integrations.

2.User Training and Change Management:

An ERP upgrade can be a significant change for employees. Plan for comprehensive training and change management strategies to ease the transition. Successful user adoption hinges on effective communication, training, and ongoing support to address any resistance and to smooth out the learning curve.

3.Choosing your Epicor Certified Partner:

Selecting a qualified ERP partner is crucial for your success. Instead of leaving it to chance, opt for Epicor-certified partners who are well-versed and skilled in planning and supporting your Epicor solutions. Given the significance of a successful implementation, ensure that your partner holds the necessary certification and has experience in your industry.

4. In Cloud or On Premise Upgrade:

This decision depends on several factors unique to your company's needs. A careful assessment of your Budget, IT capabilities, Data Control and Security, Access and Connectivity need to be discussed with key stakeholders. Consulting with an Epicor- certified partner can also help provide tailored advice on whether on-premise or cloud is your best choice.

By thoroughly considering these factors, companies can make informed decisions that optimize the benefits of a new ERP system while minimizing potential challenges and disruptions.


Navigating the complexities of upgrading your ERP system can be daunting. Upgrading an ERP system can be a significant undertaking for any company, with common challenges including resistance from employees, lack of buy-in, inadequate training, business process alignment, and resource allocation. Employees often resist change due to fear of the unknown and potential disruption to their daily work routines, while inadequate training can leave staff unprepared to utilize the new system effectively. Additionally, ensuring that the new ERP system aligns with existing business processes is crucial, as is securing sufficient resources to support the upgrade process.

KBix Solutions LLC is here to SIMPLIFY the complexities of your upgrade journey for you. By choosing our services, you gain a partnership that offers more than just a technical upgrade; it strategically enhances your business operations. Here are three compelling reasons to choose us for your next Epicor upgrade.  

1. Epicor Certified Services Partner: As an Epicor Certified Services Partner, KBix Solutions LLC brings a verified level of expertise and a deep understanding of Epicor systems to your project. This certification means we have been recognized for our ability to deliver high-quality solutions that adhere to Epicor’s high standards. When you work with a certified partner, you're investing in a service that is equipped to handle complex scenarios and is up-to-date with the latest Epicor technologies and methodologies.


2. Expertise in Change Management Planning: Change isn’t just about new software; it’s about transforming your business processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. At KBix Solutions LLC, we don’t just implement new software; we guide your team through the change. Our approach involves detailed change management planning that addresses potential resistances and training needs, ensuring that your team is ready to embrace and leverage the new system capabilities fully.


3. Streamlined Upgrade Service Program: Our streamlined upgrade service program utilizes the proven Epicor methodology, which is specifically designed to minimize risk, reduce costs, and prevent business disruption. This approach ensures that your upgrade process is smooth and structured, with clear timelines and milestones. By minimizing downtime and aligning the upgrade with your business needs, we help ensure that your operations continue to run smoothly, even during significant system overhauls.


Choosing the right partner for upgrading your Epicor system is crucial for ensuring the success of your investment. With KBix Solutions LLC, you gain not only a service provider but a strategic partner committed to your business’s growth and success. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you turn your complex system upgrade into a strategic advantage.


Ready to upgrade your Epicor ERP system with confidence? Reach out to our expert team at KBix Solutions LLC and let us guide you through a seamless and successful upgrade.

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