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Ebiz Charge, Century business solutions, credit card processing

Valued Partners
Leading Epicor Payment Processing Solution!
At KBix Solutions, we strive to ensure our clients are working with only valued partners. That is why we have a new partnership with EBizCharge (by Century Business Solutions), the leading Epicor payment processing solution!

We’re proud to partner with EBizCharge to offer our customers a fully PCI-compliant payment solution that plugs directly into Epicor to speed up payment collection. Get paid faster, increase cash flow, and automate payment collection with EBizCharge.

parttrap one, ecommerce, erp integration

A digital platform with everything you need for B2B ecommerce in ONE solution!

A robust E-Commerce solution tailored for Manufacturers & Distributors, Parttrap® ONE is an extensive platform seamlessly integrated with Epicor ERP. This innovative system empowers companies to deliver a robust web-based E-Commerce site to customers, while also serving as an online tool for sales teams and partners to facilitate updates and transactions.

Designed to support various departments crucial for successful digital sales processes—including Sales, Marketing, IT, and Customer Service—Parttrap ONE is instrumental in streamlining operations, optimizing efficiency, and unlocking your business's full potential. By introducing new sales channels and reducing operational costs, the platform enables companies to stay ahead in the era of Digital Transformation.

Key Benefits:

  1. Stay ahead in the Digital Transformation journey.

  2. Boost Distributor/Dealer Sales & Revenue.

  3. Enhance Direct Sales & Customer Service.

  4. Refine and personalize the Customer Journey.

  5. Save valuable time and resources.

  6. Facilitate digital sales of intricate product offerings.

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